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Are you ready to make your morning coffee as #DadCore as you are? Or do you know a dad who needs his morning coffee and needs to know how #DadCore you think he is?

Look no further than this #DadCore Mug. Not only is it designed to you know… hold hot liquid (that handle is there to keep you from burning yourself on the cup… pretty cool, right?) but it’ll tell the world that you belong to that elite group of men… Dads… and you’re proud of it.

In case you’re interested, here’s how the mug will do that first job… you know… holding your coffee:

• Ceramic (sturdy… like you dad)
• Dishwasher safe (you’re probably not dishwasher safe… but this mug is)
• Microwave safe (unlike tin-foil… which makes amazing sparks… make sure you show that trick to your kids… they’d be bored watching you microwave your stuff in this awesome mug… cause you know… it’s microwave safe… boring.)
• White, glossy (much better than white and matte… cause that would just be sad. Glossy is where it’s at.)

So go ahead and hit that "Add To Cart" button now. You know you want your coffee to be steaming in this #DadCore mug.

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